Yanique Curvy Diva went out on Sunday night and heard Dexta Daps’ “No Underwear” for the very first time since her scandal.

No worries guys as the Curvy Diva was on her best behaviour this time around as she chanted the popular slang, “Satan Wull Yuh Position.”

The media vixen-turned-recording artiste made headlines last week after she removed her underwear at PrideJA Breakfast party on Tuesday (August 6).

While the selector was playing Dexta Daps’ smash hit single “No Underwear,” the Curvy Diva stopped the music and removed her undergarments, “Hold this fimi deh,” she told the MC while handing him the microphone and proceeded to take off her underwear, “Mi cyaa play deh song yah and have on underwear, that nuh mek no sense. Draws affi go! Draws affi go.” she told the audience.

The “Lifestyle” singer’s video instantly went viral with Dancehall fans chiming in, labelling her actions as classless and distasteful.

Watch Yanique Curvy Diva’s reaction to Dexta Daps’ “No Underwear” being played at an event below.


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