Yanique Curvy Diva is making rounds on social media after footage from her appearance at Pride Jamaica’s Breakfast Party surfaced online.

The media vixen-turned-recording artiste along with Ishawna and Tifa supported the local LGBT community by performing at their event on Tuesday (August 6) in Kingston, Jamaica.

Yanique Curvy Diva first sent tongues wagging after a video surfaced showing the “Lifestyle” singer dancing with another female on stage, the uproar online was a clear indication that Dancehall fans weren’t ready for the clip which would come next.

While selector was playing Dexta Daps’ smash hit single “No Underwear,” the Curvy Diva stopped the music and removed her undergarments, “Hold this fimi deh,” she told the MC while handing him the microphone and proceeded to take off her underwear, “Mi cyaa play deh song yah and have on underwear, that nuh mek no sense. Draws affi go! Draws affi go.” she told the audience.

The video has since gone viral online and Dancehall fans are having a field day at Yanique Curvy Diva’s expense. “So yuh di really tek awf yuh draws Yanique inna broad daylight pon stage? Please tell me seh mi yiyi dem a lie to mi!!,” one fan asked the entertainer.

“Your a very gorgeous young lady a lot of girls are short for something you have the full package you don’t need to be naked or ghetto minded to make money remember your gift a lot of ppl r not as fortunate as you….,” another fan added.

“The difference between you and kitty is she’s full of class and don’t have to degrade herself for hype … GO LEARN COME SELF RESPECT,” the comments continued. “Why are you trying to degrade yourself like that in public? Your life choices are yours to make but please be reminded that when you become a celebrity whatever you do is scrutinized, liked or disliked by the same people who supported you in the beginning. I know the time is 🔥but was disappointed seeing you do that in public.”

While others defended the former Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall host saying it was all a stunt and she was working, “Unu fool eee anything unu see pan media unu believe Yanique trick the crowd she was working and making money while unu bruk and miserable.”

“So am I the only one seeing that u have stockings on? Ya’ll are so lame and quick to tear down unu own people,” a Curvy Diva fan wrote.

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