Laurie Radlin, the Jamaican woman who was knocked from her motorcycle by police personnel along Mandela Highway in St Catherine a year and a half ago, wants Jamaicans to be embolden to speak out against excesses by the security forces.

Radlin was body slammed to the ground by a police officer during an arrest, an incident that was captured on video.

Contacted by THE STAR for comment on the George Floyd-inspired riots in the United States, Radlin said that she is encouraged by the fact that people are prepared to march for justice. She wishes that Jamaicans would do likewise.
Disabled woman

“Everybody is talking about Floyd but what about the disabled woman in August Town? This type of incident is happening too often and some of us live to tell the tales while others don’t,” Radlin told THE STAR.

The August Town woman she referenced is Susan Bogle, a disabled woman, who was shot and killed in her bed, allegedly by soldiers who were shooting at thugs. That matter is now the subject of an investiation by the Independent Commission of Investigations.

Meanwhile, Radlin, who knows what it is to be caught in the clutches of police officers, said she was moved when she heard Floyd, in video recordings, begging for his life.

“When I heard the big man cried for his mother, I remembered my son because I know that anything can happen. The police are the law and if you should get in a situation with them, there are hardly anyone who will have your back and say that they are there for you. Everything is going to be swept under the rug and a new story comes tomorrow and your situation is forgotten,” Radlin said.

She was initially charged with assault, malicious destruction of property and resisting arrest but those were dismissed when she appeared in court. A policeman was charged with assault, arising out of the incident. The matter is now before the court.


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