Konshens and his wife Latoya Wright have seemingly called it quits.

Wright took to social media on Friday to announce that she is now a single woman via an Instagram story post. “I am a single woman so whatever Konshens does with his life has absolutely nothing to do with me.”

In a followup post, Latoya said she shared the news so Dancehall fans won’t be alarmed when Konshens begin to act like a single man, “I’m not into advertising my personal life online BUT I need everyone to know this so if and when he starts with the “single man acts” then y’all know he really IS single and it’s ok for him to act however he pleases.”

While no details were provided on the alleged breakup, it seems their split was amicable. “This post is not coming from any place of anger!!!,” she added. “Still love…. always!.”

Konshens and Latoya celebrated their first wedding anniversary last week. They got married at a private beach ceremony in Miami, Florida in November 2017. The couple, who have a son Liam, had been dating for six years.


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