If you ever get desperate enough to hop in Footah Hype’s DMs, just know that he has certain requirements.

The ever-vocal dancehall selector made those conditions known in his Instagram Story recently.

So here goes; Footah Hype is not into oral sex, threesomes, or anal sex.

“Ladies if you like me and want to be with me know this. If you are looking for those things don’t waste your time trying to talk to me,” he wrote.

Footah Hype’s last public relationship was with dancehall artiste Ishawna. The two split in 2014 after Ishawna alleged Footah Hype was physically abusive to her.

But Footah Hype had a different story. According to him, they ended their nine-year relationship because Ishawna wanted to bring certain things into their bedroom that he wasn’t into.

“The main reason of me knowing why we leave is because she wanted oral sex and threesomes and I’m not into that,” he said in a 2014 interview on On Stage.

Shortly after the breakup, Ishawna released her hit song, Restraining Order which spoke out against her ex’s obsession with her lady bits.

She then went on to release Equal Rights in 2018, in which she bravely confronted the taboo of oral sex in dancehall.


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