Ishawna has reignited her beef with Dovey Magnum.
The former Downsound Records artiste raised a few eyebrows on Sunday after she denied knowing the Bawl Out singer.
During a question session via her Instagram story, a Dancehall fan asked Ishawna is if was still friends with Dovey.
“What is a Dovey?,” Ishy responded. “You mean the soap….. as in Dove Soap?.”
The two started feuding earlier this yeat after Ishawna threw some shade towards Dovey Magnum by sharing a Urban Dictionary definition a slang popularized by the entertainer.
Quite a few heads turned after Ishawna posted a screenshot of the slang “p***y juju,” which she also captioned “I dont know who need to hear this but… WhatIsAJujuP***y #DatsWhyDemLoveUseDemMouthSuh.”
Dovey quickly clapped back at her rival by posting her own definition while declaring “B**chhhhhhes be Backwards ASF! Better the hoe did hol on pon @footahypemusic And continue with a FOOT forward in life.”
The two would go on to trade several more jabs at each other, which climaxed with Ishawna posting a picture of an animated character, “Bob Goblin,” implying a likeness between the two.

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