Dancehall matriarch, Spice has released a new single today denoting the current calendar period, “02.20.2020”. The song was written and produced by the Dumpling deejay on the Spice Freestyle Riddim and is also being promoted by her as well.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the release as Spice has announced today that the first 20 fans who can catch the 02.20.2020 lyrics and submit a video freestyling the song will win JMD $20,000. She is prepared to give away JMD $400,000 in total with direct transfers through Western Union, Money Gram or PayPal.

As expected, fans aren’t wasting any time, it’s only been a few hours and several candid videos are popping up on social media with the hashtag Spice and the track (#Spice02202020). There hasn’t been any news whether she has identified any winners or dished out any cash as yet, but it’s evident a few candidates have passed the eligible freestyle test for snatching the prize.

The track is a clear verbal slaying to her critics, more so the bad-minded people who are giving her a lot of grief for her success. In some of the lyrics she says:

“Hate me true mi wear likkle Louis and Fendi, weh dem deh when mi neva used to have all panty wah rich like Rhianna and Fenti, but if you ting look hefty then you haters plenty worse buy a Bentley, dat deadly will send you go cemetery”.

She also voices her restrain and indifference to the things she hears about herself, saying:

“ Unique, one-of-a-kind, mi creative, a my lane, mi performance alone mek mi live pon plane. Money, di kids and mi man alone gimme migraine. Plane train fi retain only money to mi brain, mi naa complain, mi naa haffi explain amount a fight weh mi get, a sanity mi maintain”.

The video is a mere two minutes and thirty-one second stretch, she sings “which chorus, naa spit no chorus, mi no have no time fi spit no chorus, too much pon my brain fi discuss, mi naa spit no chorus”, but in actuality still sings that in place of a chorus, which sheds off at least 30 seconds from what a typical track would be.

The video is as simple as it gets, the plot takes place right inside her boudoir. She wakes up to start venting the lyrics of 02.20.2020, talks to herself in the mirror for a split second then makes her way to the bathroom. As she continues to spit her feisty rhymes, she brushes her teeth then proceeds to sit on the throne. After reading the newspaper, she piles some tissues around her hand, ends the song “ashes to ashes and dust to dust”, motions to clean herself then the video cuts.

Check out the 02.20.2020 track and music video here.


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