Dancehall artiste Gold Gad has a despicable new release called Client Convo, which details the most prevalent ghetto scheme of all time, lottery scamming. The track and music video was premiered on his YouTube page, Gold Gad Music on February 27th, under Slaybad Musiq and Slik 4our Music Group.

The deejay gives his audiences what appears to be an accurate run down of the typical scamming process via a phone call. In his best American accent, the intro goes:

“Hi pleasant day, my name is Blake, I’m just wondering how you doing Mr. Gray? Good. It’s so wonderful to hear you’re doing great but did you know you win a million today? How? In the lotto sweepstakes! You’re kidding. Hear me out, this is all you got to pay listen me your cheque is on the way but you got to pay a fee is that okay? Yes …..

After relating further how he cons his target, Gold Gad then goes on to brag about how dexterous he is with his scheming, saying:

Me make union lock down, customs bust down, fuuk when the new benz drop down, say chap chap chap now, cyaa stop me mocha not now.”

The video takes place right in front of an unremarkable house in a modest neighborhood where Gold Gad steps out in white cotton bathrobe holding his phone in one hand and an almost empty bottle of Hennessy in the other. The entire video demonstrates how the con artiste pulls off his wicked scheme with his sidekicks carrying out their delegated tasks.

The song is catchy and funny despite its criminal nature, fans are already enjoying the presentation, soaring the view counts up to over 160k in just 3 days and even leaving comments predicting the deejay will land the number 1 spot on the trending list soon:

One fan said “The song soon reach number 1 on trending mi caah wait fi see it touch it”.  While another added “Wtf him deh number #5 pon trending wtf it just jump to #4 bombaat it deh number #1 on trending gold gad buss yah now to blotclaat.”

Watch the music video for Client Convo below:


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