The chief has spoken, so let it be written, let it be done.

Newly elected Accompong Maroon Chief, Richard Currie, has posted the following on Instagram: “Caveat Emptor: Horace Lewis, aka LA Lewis, is NOT a government official of #Accompong, nor is he recognised via our records as a citizen of Accompong. This individual has no delegation of authority to transact business for the state, nor bestow titles of nobility #sounddiabeng.”

Chief Currie, elected on Thursday of last week, captioned the post: “For the record and let the records reflect. No more games. No more disorder”.

The Accompong Maroons and Horace ‘LA’ Lewis, a prominent entertainment figure nationally primarily for his behaviour, have had a bit of public verbal spat over recent months, and the former Maroon Chief, Colonel Ferron Williams, had suggested that Lewis could be in for a beating in keeping with local maroon traditions, should he ever again show up in Accompong Town in St Elizabeth.

And Lewis’ transgression which could lead to the aforementioned beating?

Lewis had dared to ascribe to himself, maroon heritage, and he has shown up in the Maroon enclaves of Accompong Town, Moore Town and Charles Town, in an attempt to enlist support among the local populations.

The overtures were summarily rejected, and after the warning of a pending thrashing, Lewis had threatened to file a J$35 million lawsuit against former Colonel for supposedly tarnishing his character.

Currie recently ousted Williams, and now that a new chief has been installed for the next five years, Currie apparently intends to end the argument of Lewis’ purported Maroon heritage.

LA Lewis

Currie noticeably enjoys support among the Rastafarian segment of the entertainment industry nationally, as a number of topflight entertainers of that ilk, including Protoje, Buju Banton and Spragga Benz, all endorsed his bid to become a maroon chief. In fact, Currie is Protoje’s friend and former Munro College schoolmate.

However, the ‘charismatic’ Lewis, who was born in Trench Town, Kingston, has dismissed Currie’s authority, declaring it to be illegitimate. His declaration of “all of us are maroons” is in total defiance of the latest developments.

Lewis said there is no maroon flag, no identification card, no currency, no birth certificates, this while he and his team work to formulate a drive that recognises over “one million maroons worldwide” to reactivate the maroon heritage and identity locally.

“Currie is a hypocrite. He doesn’t know the history of maroons, else he wouldn’t say what he said. He is just there for money,” claim Lewis.

“I assisted him to win. There were better candidates; Lawrence Rowe, great, great, great grandson of Nanny, but never had the financial backing; Daniel, aka ‘Sadie Boy Buzzrock’, is the realest man. They should have put him in; and Kani who lives in the village,” added Lewis.

“Currie doesn’t live there, he just got some entertainers from Kingston to assist him like a stage show.

“Richard is a carpetbagger, him just go up there go squat recently. He came there from ‘town’ under the Kingston corporation banner, so automatically him himself is null and void,” declared Lewis.

He stated that the former chief, Williams, lost because he “got bright and threatened to ‘cat-o-nine mi”.

The cat-o-nine is a rope whip with nine knotted cords that was formerly used (especially at sea) to flog offenders.

“I no longer have to sue Williams, I took him out of power,” said Lewis.

Richard Currie

“Currie won the election; I assisted him to win. I got people of the maroon village in Trinell, the head maroon village of Accompong where some people rate me; and the people of White Hall and Gabadeen, to support Currie. Ah pure Lewis come from Scott’s Hall, Trinell; ah pure Lewis down deh. He is wrong to say I have no maroon heritage. It would be very detrimental of him to say that… I am the paramount chief high priest emperor for the Nyan Ko Pong Maroon tribal territorial government,” declared Lewis.

Lewis has contended on several occasions before that he is the secretary of state and paramount chief of the Nyon-Ko-Pong Maroons, arguing that the Nyon-Ko-Pong Maroons have been in existence for centuries.

But Colonel Williams has insisted that the Nyon-Ko-Pong Maroons do not exist.

And his successor concurs:

In his social media post, Currie posited the non-existence of Nyon-Ko-Pong Maroons and declared:

“Furthermore, Mr Lewis’ self-proclaimed title and tribe are NOT recognised by the Sovereign State of #Accompong.

He warned at “Mr Lewis should cease and desist his confusion in #maroon territory, or (risk) find(ing) himself being escorted under heavy restriction. #sounddiabeng,”

Last year, Lewis was charged with breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act. He was charged jointly with Ras Wadewade Selassie I and Ras Nature Forever.

It is alleged that on October 3 at about 2:45 pm, Lewis and other persons were protesting in Spanish Town and, in the process, breaching the Government’s COVID-19 protocols by not wearing masks in public spaces.

The group was warned to leave the area, but Lewis and the two other men refused. They were subsequently arrested and charged.

At several court appearances since, Lewis has insisted that he is the paramount chief and high priest of the Nyan-Ko-Pong Maroon Government, which grants him protection under the Maroon constitution from being charged under Jamaican laws.

At his last court appearance in the St Catherine Parish Court on January 21, Lewis, when asked if he had a lawyer, boldly suggested that he was not arrested, but rather kidnapped by the police.

The presiding judge then ordered a psychiatric evaluation for Lewis and his two co-accused for their next court appearances in March.

The dancehall artiste has since indicated an intention to sue the judge, insisting that he is not mentally unstable.

The word maroon, first recorded in English in 1666, is by varying accounts, taken from the French word marron, which translates to “runaway black slave”, or the American/Spanish cimarrón, which means “wild runaway slave”.

It is important to note that most Africans did not refer to themselves as “maroons”. Lewis’ declared sect, the Nyan Ko Pong maroons, is in reference to liberatory, powerful names maroons used to describe themselves, such as “Nyankipong Pickibu,” which means “Children of the Almighty” in Twi, a language widely spoken in Ghana, West Africa.


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