As the lyrical war heats up between Chronic Law and Jahmiel, veteran Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel has thrown his hat in the ring, backing Chronic Law (Akeeme Campbell).

On April 21, Law fired shots at Jahmiel (Jamiel Foster) with his diss track Talk Facts and Kartel (Adidja Palmer) took to his Instagram to support the track by quoting his favorite verse – ‘Rasta yuh cyan guh ah Zion inna frock’.

He posted a photo of the track’s cover art with a caption saying, “i thought i was the only alien….apparently not. #talkfacts #talknumbers cyaa ga zion inna frock.” Kartel is fond of boasting about his streaming stats and record sales.

His comment drew criticism from one fan who said the war would now be unfair now that he has tipped the scale in Chronic Law’s favor.   The fan said, “Kartel why ya buy out the man dem war right inna the middle right ya so? Fi make jahmiel no get a fair battle now?u no done war ur war already man. So wah go happen now all gaza fans ago say 6ix n turn the thing inna one unfair battle”

Kartel had a simple reply: “me like di war”, suggesting that the great deejay also enjoys a good clash even if he has a favorite.

While Law is affiliated with the 6ix clan, which is led by Squash, it should come as little surprise that Kartel would back him in this battle.   Jahmiel is closely associated with Mavado (David Constantine Brooks) and Alkaline (Earlan Bartley) who together have formed a dancehall collective known as the MVP.  Mavado is Kartel’s longest arch nemesis in the industry. They’ve been feuding since 2006, while beef with Alkaline is also contentious and started in 2014.

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Mavado, Alkaline and Jahmiel are Dancehall’s MVPs

The incarcerated deejay has been going hard at MVP. In January, Kartel questioned the MVP’s credibility as major artistes when he said: “The male threesome really think dem hot?” which got support from former protoje and now Unruly boss Popcaan.

Kartel’s fans are also supportive of Chronic Law which means this beef will only get more intense as both camps fire shots.

This fan said: “them fi learn fi start talk facts , stop talk trash and crap , before them get the chip glock , weh them a beast bout ” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />🤣” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />💪,” and another added: “Teacha you already killed the blind boy but the spirit a f@&k around just kill it fiwi,” and this fan said he thinks Law will win this war: “Chronic law tuff addi. Mi see nuff potential. Dancehall safe wid unu”

There’s been no word from the MVP as yet but that’s sure to change soon if the Chronic Law vs Jahmiel proxy war turns into a full-fledged battle between the GAZA/6ix camps and the MVP clan and their affiliates.


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