CELEBRITY baby names have long been a source of intrigue for celebrity watchers. One need look no further than the 100-1 odds bookmakers put on the Sussex’s bundle, Archie Harrison last year.

The celebrity status of the newborn is one thing, but the excitement is fuelled by the fact that celebs are known for choosing unusual monikers — Kulture, Blue Ivy, Onyx, and Psalm being among the lot among US A-listers.

On home soil, people are already brimming with possible options for the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, and his girlfriend Kasi Bennett. The couple released photos of the baby bump on social media yesterday, but withheld the sex. That didn’t stop Jamaicans from weighing in on what Baby Bolt should be named.

Marie Marsh, Beauty Therapist

BOY: Niasu

GIRL: Kasain

Donovan “Merryman” Whyte, Barber

BOY:Usain Jr

GIRL: Kasiana

Orville Wallace, Retiree

BOY: Ensain

GIRL: Kaisanya

Sheldon White, Barber

BOY: Ashauni

GIRL: Kayla-Dae

Sherona Peterkin, Bartender

BOY: Usain Jr

GIRL: Kasi-Ann

Nathaniel “Natty” Anderson, Vendor

BOY: (Undecided)

GIRL: U-anna

Natalie Blake, Cook

BOY: Usain Jr

GIRL: “A mix of mommy and daddy’s middle name”

Asheca Williams, Sales Rep

BOY: Usain Jr

GIRL: Ushauna

Canute Webb, Sales Associate

BOY: Usain Jr,

GIRL” “Something starting with ‘U’”

Dianna Simon, sales advisor

UNISEX: Kasain


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