The Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) is seeking to locate a boy seen in a viral video who revealed in the presence of amused adults that he wanted to become a ‘gunman’ in the future.

“We are seeking the public’s assistance to locate this child seen in a recent viral video,” the CPFSA stated on Tuesday, showing a photograph.

In the 29-second video, a male voice can be heard asking the boy, who appeared to be below the age of 10, what he wanted to become when he grew up.

“Gunman,” responded the child.

“No bredda,” the man replied to the child’s disclosure to which the child further responded, “How yuh mean?”

Laughter can then be heard from other persons in close vicinity to the interaction between the adult and the child.

The child went on further to comment that, “Cah u nuh hear say gunman kill police pan TV everyday?”

To the credit of the unidentified man, he advised the child that he cannot become a gunman.

“No man yuh can’t be a gunman… Look yah,” the man said, as he tried to push up the child’s head with his hand for him to look into what appeared to be the cellphone camera.

“How yuh mean?” the child again responded, as he wrestled away from the man’s hands.

“But yuh can’t tell me weh fi be bredda. Yuh can’t tell mi weh fi be bredda,” the child

The man then grabbed the boy by his shirt, and once again told him that he could not embark on becoming a gunman.

“Mi a be weh mi want be,” the child insisted as the video ended.

The video, which first appeared on social media site, TikTok, has since gone viral, with several persons commenting that they did not find the content humorous.

“This is alarming man. Weh di joke deh? JCF (Jamaica Constabulary Force) needed right yah,” commented one woman.

Added another woman: “Him need proper guidance. Poor soul that’s all the news he watched on TV everyday day is just something about murder. Help him CPFSA.”

However, one woman urged the CPFSA not to take the child away from his family, but instead provide counselling.

“If unu going to take that child from him parents him still going to be a gunman if him mind set on it!!! He is young so just give him a good counseling and done!! Because someone kids go in the system it’s go all upsidedown,” she argued.

Meanwhile, the CPFSA is urging anyone with information that can lead to the child being located to contact the agency at 876-469-4100.


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