These are views from the outside of Jamaica’s prime minister Andrew Holness’s house located in Beverly Hills, St. Andrew Jamaica.
The pic of Andrew and his Wife Juliet Holness’s house while under construction below! it was  built while Andrew was leader of the opposition(JLP) before he turned prime minister of Jamaica.andrew holness house under cpnstruction

andrew holness house under construction

At the time of its construction, there were many uproars amongst politicians with regards to the size of the house and the time he chose to build it, Holness responded to negative comments stating “I would want every hardworking Jamaican to be successful. I preach shared prosperity, not shared poverty. So for every Jamaican who is building your dream, keep on building and ignore the haters,” he said..

One person commented “Being a politician pays very well PM estimated NET WORTH 30 MILLION US DOLLARS GO FIGURE.”, While another said “Simply beautiful…”.

See the completed mansion below!


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