While track and field legend Usain Bolt is somewhat reluctant to speak about his impending role as a dad, his mother, Jennifer Bolt, is ecstatic and is hoping that her grandchild will inherit the athletic genes of her iconic son.

Bolt, who was in his home parish Trelawny earlier this week for the handover of computers valued at more than J$2 million to seven schools, including his alma mater, Waldensia Primary, smiled broadly when The Gleaner prompted him to speak about the child he is having with his girlfriend, Kasi Bennett.

While the world record holder for the 100m and 200m shied away from questions on whether he preferred a boy or a girl, his mother had no reservations about opening up about her expected grandchild.

“I am very, very happy,” said Bolt’s mother, with a twinkle in her eyes. “I would prefer a grandson, but whatever sex comes, I am happy.”

The grandma-to-be, an ardent track fan who has travelled along to watch her son compete at illustrious events such as the Olympic Games and World Championships, left no doubt that she would like to see her son’s legacy extended through her grandchild.

“I also hope that the athletic genes will be there,” she said, referring to her own history as an amateur runner as proof that track and field was in the family’s DNA.

Like Usain, Mom Bolt plans to be in Japan for the upcoming Olympics and would love to have her grandchild with her as she cheered on Jamaicans.

“It would be very nice to be sitting in the stands with my grandchild. He or she won’t know what is happening, but the photographs will be good down the road,” said the Sherwood Content native.

Earlier this month, Bolt posted several photographs on his Instagram page with his girlfriend show her baby bump.

“I just want to say a KING or QUEEN is about to be HERE,” he wrote.

In 2018, Bolt stated in a Daily Mail interview that he was ready to become a dad, noting that he had come to realise that there was never a perfect time to start.

“Something I’ve learnt is it’s never a good time to have kids. It took me a while to figure that out,” Bolt was quoted as saying. “I definitely want a family, though. For me, over the years, I’ve waited because I want to make sure it’s the right person.”


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