Over the past two years, some children of high profile Jamaican celebrities have turned to social media to air out their family’s dirty laundry.

More recently, Buju Banton’s son, Markus Myrie, uploaded chilling posts to his Instagram page, accusing his father of physical assault. In a follow-up post on Monday March 18, Myrie voiced regret about taking the family issue into to the public domain, and urged his father to play a more active role in his children’s lives.

Myrie’s actions mimic other millennial influencers like singer and daughter of Tony Rebel, Davianah, who this year, accused her father of physically abusing her, while bashing his spouse Queen Ifrica.

Dancer and daughter of Bennie Man, Desha Ravers, has also used her social media platform on several occasions to criticise ‘The Doctor’ about his parenting skills and his relationship with media personality Krystal Tomlinson.

Although persons often use social media to express themselves, social media specialists Dennis Brooks said that these venting sessions are damaging to a celebrity’s brand.

“There is a Jamaican Proverb that says: ‘If fish come from water bottom and tell yuh seh shark down there, believe him’. This is your child saying that ‘you are a horrible father or the king of whatever is an A**hole’, It’s a method of doing the ultimate damage to them because they work so hard to build their platform, and it’s an attack on their brand,” Brooks told sources.

Davianah Daughter of Tony Rebel Breaks Silence On Assault and Abuse

He added that frequency of these posts can be attributed to the growing access to the internet and the consequences of an ever evolving digital era.

“Persons of my demography might see it as ‘why did you have to take it on to social media?’, but for them millennials it’s like going out on the verandah. Social media is an extension of their identity,” he said.


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