A senior route inspector employed to the Transport Authority was shot and killed while seated in a bus Friday morning in the Linstead bus park.

She has been identified as 58 year-old Millecent Fisher-Gunn.

Millie, as she was affectionately called by her friends and family, was a jovial soul who no one expected to die in such a violent, brutal manner.

“Millie never deserve to die that way. She was on her way to work, she was seated in the front of the bus and somebody just walk up and shoot her,” one alleged eyewitness told Loop News.

One of her sons described his mother as a “joy to be around”.

“She was a jovial, hard-working woman, a people person, everyone in Linstead know her and her fellow employees loved her, this is hard to deal with,” the son said.

There has been a continuous flare-up of violence in Linstead and its environs since 2018. The reasons behind most of the murders in Linstead are  the subject of endless interpretation. Some attribute the increase to more illegal guns, the fallout of an internal gang split over shared criminal proceeds, migrant criminals or systemic failures like unequal justice and a scarcity of decent opportunities for many citizens.

While the motives are murky, what is deadly certain is that citizens are running scared because of the internecine gang violence.

The explosion of violence in communities such as Banbury, Victoria and Linstead have caused several families to flee. In a community called Oliver Springs, located between Banbury and Linstead, several families have packed up and left their houses because of death threats.


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