Please hide me id you know the lady is my cousin who they isolated.

“The minister of health showed up 7:22 pm.. no one has been vaccinated nothing I’m concern not just for me but the people of ja.

She visited Devon house, she went to rest heaven that’s south camp road, where the body was .

She came for the funeral so she meet and greet basically everyone.

The house hold is big we have persons going to school and work who complained about the coughing and fever..

Right now I don’t even have the strength to type my phone is ringing off the hook. I’m from the bull bay area.

She came on Wednesday we meet on Thursday night.

At the funeral she was soak like someone threw water on her because of the heat however she got I’ll and they brought her to the private doctor that’s over 8 miles.

Now the doctor having symptoms as well I’m crying.. My family are broken please help us please

None of the family back in UK don’t have it she caught it on the plane Jesus..

Not even the mp miss Juliet holiness came only person turn up is miss Joan Gordon our future mp gave us some pep talk and inform us about the virus thanks to her she’s her candidate for East rural st Andrew.. where is the health minister?
Where is Andrew holiness?
Where is the counsellor celia James.. everyone is running from us.. even the police came and stay across the road to talk to us.
Please we need help

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Please be safe out there my fellow Jamaicans …


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