In the hardcore world of dancehall, we have meticulously unearthed the hidden gems in the rough to bring you the hottest, most attractive artistes in the industry right now. This select few have had such a huge impact on their Instagram audiences, enough to evoke some of the craziest fan behavior we’ve ever seen especially during their on stage performances.

Combined with their social media presence as well as the lengths fans have gone to express their admiration for our top choices, we’ve also hand picked the bunch with the hottest images and sexiest appeal for this feature.

Ah’ Shenseea

She’s hot and she knows it, just ask any of the 2.4 million followers on her Instagram, where the ShengYeng queen has a racy catalogue of body bangin swimsuit pics plus more. These combined with several videos of her electrifying stage performances donning some of the sexiest outfits you can find, keeps her male fans quite intrigued and happy.

Along with all the endorsement deals and magazine covers, Shenseea’s music adds a lot to her sexy image, singles like Bad Habit, Foreplay, Temptation Overdrive and Tie Me Up pretty much speak for themselves.

The dancehall eye-candy is always amping up her game; just recently adding new nipple piercings was nothing but another cosmetic boost. Its obvious she goes through a certain level of effort to enhance her look, nonetheless she has it all; the cute face, stunning figure, sexy style, charismatic voice and the one-of-a-kind personality.

Shenseea revealed last month that the Belize ‘toe sucking’ incident was the second most bizarre thing that ever happened to her on stage. The first was too explicit to tell in detail but involved a female fan climaxing on stage.

Dexta Daps

Dexta Daps
Popularly known as the Jamaican Trey Songz, Dexta Daps is perhaps the top male heartthrob in dancehall music right now. His means of allure comes through the voice behind the music, but not to be mistaken, his music is a force to be reckoned with.

There is no escaping his serenading superpower; once he locks you into a song, all of what feels real in the moment fades away. Check out any of his on stage performances, Dexta encapsulates his female fans into an awestruck trance for some of the most fan-crazed reaction you will find.

He has successfully released a slew of highly explicit music videos to legitimize him self as a certified sex symbol. Bring It To The Owner, No Underwear and Naked for example are some of the most sexually graphic music videos in Dancehall.

Yanique Curvy Diva

Yanique Curvy Diva
As her name suggests, she is in fact The Curvy Diva, however fellow dancehall vixen Jada Kingdom who is also in this line-up does give her a run for her money where curvy is concerned. Back to the spotlight, which she deserves, Yanique Curvy Diva is one of the elite few most sexiest dancehall artistes you will find.

She is not just a fan favourite among men, but also highly prized by women and the LGBTQ community. She is known to get up close and personal with her fans on stage, welcoming all kinds of physical contact and play.

Yanique’s ‘sexy switch’ is always in the ON position and she goes through great lengths to keep it there. Her style and fashion is always on point never leaving much to the imagination, she’s always in the gym keeping things right and tight and all of her songs and accompanying music video are often suggestive and dripping in sex. Simply check out the visuals for Lifestyle, Bunx Pon It w/ Demarco, Mineable and Unfair Games w/ I-Octane.


The girls love him and can’t seem to get enough of this Top Form deejay, just check out any of his live performances including this one in Antigua in January 2020. Masicka has detonated hearts, evoke glass-chattering screams and stirred scuffles among his female admires not wanting to share his attention during his staged shows.

The 26 yr. old hunk has been keeping the girls on their toes, maintaining his single-status lifestyle, leaves them quite enchanted and wanting of more. In the last few years, Masicka has transformed into every girl’s pinup, he’s got the cars, the style and the looks complete with an unassuming swag like no other.

Always surrounded by the ladies in his music videos, he also platforms a bad boy demeanor and cashy image and let’s not forget his rude blush-effecting lyrics. Simply feast your eyes on singles like Ice Cream Truck, Image, God Damn, Blessing, Top Form, Time Best Girl and Have It for this ladies man on display.


Spice is one of the most electrifying acts in dancehall for a number of reasons; her image plays a big part of her extraordinary stage appeal. The barely there outfits, fitted onto her curvaceous body is one thing but her ability to throw her legs into a standing split at the drop of a rhyme is extremely exciting.

Never to be outdone by her dancers, Spice’s booty shaking dance moves will incontestably lock your eyes on the screen during her music videos without sway. Her singles Needle Eye, Sheet, Cool It, Gum and Under Fire are just a select few that exudes sexy, all while putting her rude lyrics on display.

She’s as fierce and confident as they come and she’s not afraid of flaunting it. Always tagged in favourite brands, Fendi, Versace and Chanel compliment her rich and bold style. With the opulent lace fronts, posh lashes, striking nails and flawless skin, her fresh from the salon look is always on point.

This dancehall queen is categorically in a league of her own and undeniably one of the hottest heartthrobs on the scene right now.

Sean Paul

Sean Paul
There was a poster of this dancehall legend pinned up on the walls of almost every uptown girl’s bedroom in the early 2000’s. They simply couldn’t get enough of him back then and even now; Sean has been continuously stockpiling a new generation of female fans over the years.

Sean Paul is one of the most consistent recording artistes in the business, remaining current and trending over the last two decades. While this is an accomplishment within itself, maintaining his good looks during the span of his career is nothing short of mythical. That being said, Sean needs no promo to boost his image, he’s a walking stud muffin.

The Temperature deejay has been melting hearts all across the globe and continues to do so despite tying the knot with his long time girlfriend back in 2016. The girls still hang on to his every word during his live shows and can be seen rocking out to his music while screaming his name.


Ever since her barrier breaking single Equal Rights, Ishawna has not only chiseled her name on the scrolls of dancehall’s pioneers but also on myriads of hearts belonging to her male admirers. While some guys won’t admit it, many were highly turned on by the pussycat’s liberating lyrics in the song. In an interesting twist, it has also gained her the respect and veneration of hoards of female fans too.

Ms. Legendary is not afraid of stripping down naked, swinging on a stripper pole or telling you how much of a freak she really is, just check out her music. Her singles, Equal Rights, Want It, Pot of Gold and Mi Belly are overflowing with provocative lyrics and some of the most stimulating visuals you will ever see.

She is an unapologetic sex kitten and takes great pleasure basking in the image of such. Her rep is one thing but she’s also quite easy on the eyes, with a striking face, gorgeous bod and highly exotic appeal, it’s hard to not crush on this dancehall heartthrob.


He has a way of telling the ladies what to do, no matter how impossible it may appear to be. Bruk Off Yuh Back, Walk & Wine, or Pull Up to Mi Bumper are just a few of Konshens’ musical commands that the girl’s try to bring to life when his music starts to play.

His live performances usually gets his female fans all riled up no matter which hemisphere of the globe he appears to be. He has also managed to load on a prolific social media following as well. With over 1 million fans and counting, he is certainly something to look at.

The Turn Me On deejay rocks his edgy look as confidently as an eagle, the tatted bod, daring hair and piercings completes his bold style to much appeal.

Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom
This sultry sounding bombshell came out of nowhere about two years ago, swinging her Heavy behind across the screens and exciting anything that breathes air. Intrigue grew, as she would release her tempting yet twisted music videos but in all captivated her male audiences with her unforgettable figure.

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Not only did she become a new breakout artiste with singles like Banana, Love Situations and Unwanted, but also an instant heartthrob among fans. Jada’s social media has skyrocketed to 1 million followers and quick browse will show you why. Her IG slides alone, will reveal Jada as simply one of the sexiest and baddest bees in the game right now.


His comeback was widely appreciated by the ladies, ever since his alleged split with wifey, dancehall singer O (Ophelia Beckett) back in 2018, he has resurfaced on the scene. His newest singles Boom Boom, Fire Aguh Bun and We Survived, where just some of his releases since then.

Nothing beats Cham’s notorious girl anthems however, Gallang Yah Gal, Back Way and Wine Up Me Body accompanied by the delivery of his signature raspy vocals, smoothly seeps deep within to stir not only their waistlines but also the hearts and souls of his female admirers.

He’s a well-known charmer and has a way with the ladies for sure, the chemistry between him and his fans are undeniable, just checkout any of his live shows.


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