A teen is facing heavy backlash from her family and friends after posting a photo that implied she had died. The ninth-grader, who attends a high school within the Corporate Area, said she is now regretting the act. On Monday night, the teen uploaded a photo of herself to WhatsApp showing her lying on the floor with a school tie wrapped around her neck.

“It was out of idleness. Mi really never expect it fi get this serious,” she told THE STAR.

The teen adds that she was forced to inform her parents about the situation after she started receiving several messages the following morning.

‘Mi feel bored’

“I told my mother the morning that mi do a prank and baay people a call mi. Everybody start say ‘RIP mi bad chargie’. She asked mi why mi do it and mi tell her that a true mi feel bored,” said the teen.

The mother, who gave the news team permission to speak with the minor, condemned her child’s behaviour.

“I don’t know why she allowed the devil to tell her to do that. Before l left out this morning she told me that she did a prank. I told her to take it down because she told me just as when I was leaving out of the house,” she said. This is not the first time the teen has been in trouble. In 2019, she reportedly ran away for several hours, forcing even the police to get involved.

“A company she follow. It was a Friday when she do it. She came home but we never know that she had someone waiting outside for her. She didn’t come home the Friday night, so Saturday we went down to the police station. We got some information on where she was and the police went there and found her,” the mother said. The teen, who had been receiving counselling since that incident, was seemingly doing well. This latest incident has thrown the mother for a loop.

“This is a surprise because mi never know say she would to dat. I don’t look at things she post, and mi never know say it would reach that far because a she come tell mi bout it,” she said. “We are in a serious time, so she should have not done it. The counselling help but because of the COVID it stop now. We just affi pray for her.”

The teen has vowed to delete her social media accounts.


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