Dance group team spice has been broken up! Spice dancers say they were working for 2000 jmd.

The dancers all complained about the little pay that they were getting from their boss but still worked because of the love and loyalty they had for #teamspice.

The dancers said that they “feel a way” due to the fact that spice didn’t go to them like a boss and addressed the issue. Instead, she agreed with Richie feelings on his live about how ungrateful and disloyal the dancers were to her.

The dancers said that despite the fact that they were gossiping and complaining about their salaries they still did their job.

Her dancer TC said that throughout the pandemic nothing was handed to them from their boss spice, they had to work and promote over the internet to get a salary or anything from the artist.

The dancers complain that they injured themselves on the job and still suffering from back and knee issues to this day, because of how hard they had to work for spice.

The dancers said regardless of their salary and what happened the boss could’ve dealt with the matter professionally but they are still however grateful for the experience.



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