Mi say, on Saturday, mi go meet mi man cause mi did want some money. Mi deh deh so till round 5 o’clock and caah see him a come, so mi lef.

On my way to go look taxi, mi see a driver weh me know. Mi say STAR, mi did want a money, so mi ask him. Him say a long time him a pree mi, so mi look at him and say, “Sir, you really a ask mi fi dat?”

Him say, “My girl, yuh at the age of consent, and yu want money. Just give mi a likkle piece.”

Mi say, STAR, the man go roun a one place.

After that, the man ask me how much money me did want, and mi say $28,000. Him say him nuh have so much. When mi look, him gi mi $800 and say dat’s all him have. Mi say to him say, ” if yuh gi mi $800, yuh affi eat or mi a go tell police say yuh rape mi.”

Mi say STAR, the man go down pon him knees… . to this day, mi still a think bout it.


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