Tanya Stephens has blasted the Mayor of Montego Bay’s decision to block LGBT events from the Montego Bay Cultural Centre.

The “It’s A Pity” star has expressed disappoint towards Montego Bay mayor Homer Davis’ decision to block an LGBT group from hosting a pro-gay event at the Montego Bay Cultural Centre.

On Friday Reggae superstar posted a Gleaner article where the Mayor declared he would not give permission for the staging of the Pride Event, claiming it would disturb the “sacredness and purpose of the cultural center.”

“Sacredness of CULTURAL center. The dunce is proud! Anyway…no need for argument. Teach him a lesson on election day, the rude and ignorant wooly mammoth. #extinction #lgbtstoppaytaxes,” Stephens blasted.

However, it seems the entertainer’s comments may have evoked some controversy as several fans began criticizing her comments, with one fan saying “Everyone has rights, not just LGBT. Respect there’s if you want respect. That’s how it works! This world doesn’t revolves around LGBT people.”

“Everyone has rights INCLUDING LGBT. If straight people CAN then LGBT people CAN. That’s how rights work. You don’t have the right to say “I don’t want gay people to have this right that I enjoy! This is such a tedious and tiring, stupid discussion!” Stephens shot back.

“Tanya while I understand why this meeting was called, I wonder if it was thought through properly. Number one, this is an event that was advertised. What would have been done about their safety as this is in the middle of Montego Bay? We can also note from above that arrogance mix with ignorance backed by scripture is a horrible mixture and people can be targeted,” the fan quickly replied.

Earlier this week veteran disc jock Foota Hype took to social media to commend the mayor saying he “had more guts than the prime minister of the country” and that this was a win for all “God and str8 ppl.”


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