Popular sound system operator Tall Boss, also known as DJ Tallman, has been released from prison after serving approximately 20 months in a New Jersey correctional facility.

A key member of the Di Unit team, Tall Boss, whose birth name is Davey Alexander Scott, is back on home soil after being granted parole on account of his good behaviour while behind bars.

Reunited with his family and close friends from the industry, Tall Boss says he’s looking to leave the past behind as he focuses on securing the future.

In an interview with THE STAR, Tall Boss confirmed that after his arrest in January 2018, he was extradited to the US to answer to multiple charges including possession of controlled and dangerous substance, presenting false information to law enforcement officers, and attempting to cause and/or purposely or recklessly cause bodily harm to a police officer stemming from a 2001 incident in the US.

He revealed, however, that after being brought before the courts, only the possession charge stuck and he was sentenced to seven years.

“I waived my rights and was extradited in March 2019. I was sentenced on August 9 of last year and due to a lot of charges being dropped because of lack of evidence, I was sentenced to seven years flat with the eligibility for parole after 22 months. I went before a panel after about 20 months and they determined that because of my rapport, I would be released early,” he said. “I was paroled on July 17 of this year and I chose to come back to Jamaica. I was not deported.
Given the option

I am a legal resident of the US so I was brought to immigration and given the option to come back to Jamaica. I took it because I wanted to be reunited with my Di Unit team, my friends, and family. I had a strong support system, and if everybody never so supportive, I wouldn’t make it through.”

Having made it through some of the most challenging times of his life, Tall Boss says his legal troubles taught him some hard lessons.

“Mi really learn who was genuine from who was fake. Those who were really for me, stood by me. I had the full support of people like Bugle, Vershon, Delly Ranx, my entire Di Unit team,” he said. “This whole thing has taught me to be a better father, a better friend, a better person. I’ve learnt to appreciate the simple things in life and I have a new, fresh outlook on life. I’m ready to take my Di Unit team to a whole next level in the music business. In my absence, they did a very good job and so I’m just going to pick up where I left off.”

To commemorate his homecoming, Tall Boss, who will celebrate his birthday on September 10, is planning to host a massive event on September 27.

Details surrounding the event will be forthcoming as they are finalised, but the sound system operator said it will be a celebration of freedom, something he does not take for granted. “Everybody is happy that I’m home, they have welcomed me with open arms. We’re going to have a massive celebration in the form of a stage show. We’re going to have the likes of Bugle, Sizzla Kalonji, Iba Mahr, and more,” he said. “I don’t take my time outside lightly. I know it’s a blessing and I just want to celebrate that freedom with my family and friends.”


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