Jamaican beauty queen Yendi Phillipps had a major invasion of privacy while working out at her home this morning and took to Twitter to share the creepy occurrence.

“I just caught someone who lives 2 yards away recording/taking photos of me while I was working out! When he realised I saw him he jumped & ran inside, then continued from behind a sheer curtain,” she tweeted. While adding that she was devastated at the blatant invasion of her privacy.

She explained that she was working out at home as her gym was closed.

“Being in a public space is one thing, but in your home is another. My gym has closed with the pandemic so I created a space to exercise for my wellness, mental health and centering. Honestly my stomach dropped when I saw him!” she continued.

Attorney-at-law, Clyde Williams was one of the persons encouraging Phillipps to take legal action.

“Breach of right to privacy, imo, and issues of image rights arise as well, imo. A stern letter from, you know who, as a line drawn and setting stage for future action if and as required. It should not be taken lightly,” he tweeted.



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