“It was a rough, rough experience … a nuh one good one. It terrible, stressed out, depressed, sad, everything,” dancehall’s fast-rising deejay Squash told WESTERN STAR about his detainment last year.

Squash, who hails from Montego Bay, spent approximately five months in lock-up at the Freeport Police Station in St James, after being apprehended in St Ann by police officers in August.

That followed after being held months prior after he was detained in a spot check in Spanish Town, during the state of emergency in parts of St Catherine.

Now with the ongoing state of emergency in his home parish, the deejay and lead man of dancehall movement 6ix is being extra careful.

He says he has fears being taken back to lock-up but does not plan to be placed in that situation any time in the future.

“From a thing happen to you once, you always a look out or fear seh it a guh happen twice, but it nah guh happen again still,” he said. “Mi get lock up because state of emergency and dem claim to say me a bad influence, but a cyaa nutten else, a mi song dem, dem lock mi up for. Me can’t say which specific one, but a must me music.”

Despite speculations that he and his movement are involved in illegal activities like scamming, Squash insists that neither he nor any member of the 6ix is into wrongdoing.

He owes the hearsay to the assumption that persons residing in the Montego Bay area are normally labelled as scammers, “but we not involved in scamming, strictly music, ah nuh everybody that come from MoBay associated with that.”

He continued: “First and foremost, when me reach down a Freeport dem ask me why me sing me song dem suh derogative and why me suh violent, so is must that. And dem ask why everyweh we guh is just 6ix dem ah hear bout – dem want to know who and what behind a 6ix.”

Still the Trending artiste does not regret his brand having a strong impact.

He said, “I just don’t like the targets because every artiste wants to be famous and we have to do we ting fi stay relevant, nuh because of target. (And regardless) Wah police dem waan seh, we haffi do we ting fi survive.”

Squash believes that he was detained because he was targeted, and that belief was heightened after the 6ix is Real concert, scheduled for March 29 at Sabina Park, was postponed.

The event was to serve as the deejay’s first appearance following his incarceration.

“I feel we were targeted even with that event but (we) would try (to) host another one, after we a nuh criminal an’ mi nuh thief and we nah do no crime or violence,” he said.

However, in a WEEKEND STAR story on March 29, Superintendent Robert Gordon explained that the 6ix concert was not the only event slated for Sabina Park that weekend that did not receive a permit.

He said the cops would not have been able “to adequately police the area during these events”, as the areas in and around Sabina Park had been experiencing an upsurge in violence.


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