Most of us appreciate a good filter. They hide the blemishes we don’t want anyone to see and mask our tired eyes. But dancehall artiste Spice has found something in a filter that many of us have never thought of -inspiration for her new look.

While getting her makeup done, Spice used a filter that gave her a philtrum piercing. Totally captivated by how it made her look, Spice wanted to know if she should just go ahead and get the piercing permanently.

“Mi nah tell no lie, fi some reason mi aguh pierce right ya so (her philtrum) all because of this filter,” she said.

But she left the decision for her fans to make.

“What do you think guys, do you think its cute?” she asked. Should I pierce it or no?”

Her fans, while agreeing that it was a cute filter, felt she shouldn’t get it done. One even had a smart suggestion.

“No Aunty Spice nobody dweet.. use ehh filter anytime uh wah see piercing up deh❗😂,” a fan commented.

“No you look beautiful without it,” another said.

“No don’t pierce it❤️, you we look mad like amari😂,” someone added.


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