Spice got a sign from God and some motivation from her fans recently.

The Queen of Dancehall revealed in a social media post that she flew coach earlier this week and got some powerful motivational words from her fans during the three hour flight.

“Flew coach today and i think god worked it out that first class was full because i got some powerful motivational words from so much of my fans and it will not go dead to me,” Spice wrote under a video.

The female deejay/reality TV star said after the chat she looked out her window and saw a sign from God, “After listening to them for 3 hours, one of them said “Keep soaring” then i looked out the window and saw not one but 2 planes soaring beside us. I smiled at God work. God is truly amazing 🙏🏽 #Hegotme and #Igotthis 💪🏾 My fans I LOVE YOU SO MUCH,” she added.

Spice is currently beefing with fellow entertainer D’Angel over their 2017 “No Worries” collaboration produced by Good Good Productions.


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