Spice shows video of the presidential suite hotel she is staying as she continues her celebrations.

The Queen Of Dancehall posted to Instagram a video as she continues the celebration of her birthday. The “Romantic Mood” singer is staying at a presidential suite which she says, costs a whopping USD $2500.00 (estimated JMD $372,886.00) per night .

The LHHAL star noted, “the swinging chair cause I thought a broke bitch said something about my hair. This shit is swinging in the W,” as she wore ankle-length blue braids. “You know what happened when I was checking in a while ago? The man at the front desk said, excuse me ma’am you’ve got the best suite in the house. Presidential baby.” Spice bragged.

Fans were quite entertained by the video, expressing themselves with comments like, “This was funny. Happy birthday Queen,” wrote one. “I just love everything about you,” another fan added.


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