The son of 59-year-old Glenroy Gordon, a St James man whose body was found in a Trelawny cane field with chop wounds last week, is among four persons charged with the recent murder of his father.

The accused are 35-year-old Nemardo Gordon, 28-year-old Christina Cain, both of Florence Hall, Trelawny; 40-year-old Ralston Thomas of Lilliput, and 35-year-old Andrae Campbell of Norwood, both in St James.

They are scheduled to appear in the Falmouth Parish Court on Thursday, February 6.

Reports are that about 10am on Wednesday, January 29, the police, who were summoned to a cane field in Daniel Town, Trelawny, discovered Gordon’s body with chop wounds lying face down beside his motorcar.

The body was tagged with a noted marked ‘Rapist’.


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