Jamaica’s national costume for the 2019 staging of the Miss Universe pageant has left social media users divided over the theme chosen for the design.
The costume, dubbed ‘Annie Palmer pays homage to the 18th owner of the Rose Hall plantation’, was revealed earlier today during the pageant’s preliminary national costume competition round.
Contestants took the stage in costumes, which represent their countries. Social media users argued that the costume glorifies a negative part of the country’s history.
One Twitter user said “Annie Palmer is literally known for torturing black enslaved men, she’s the “wicked” white witch. I can’t even understand how someone would think it’s a good idea.”
Others contended that regardless of her actions, Annie Palmer is part of the country’s history.
“The legend of Annie Palmer has had a significant cultural impact on Jamaica. Her story is known across the world, having been widely spread by members of the diaspora, as well as persons who have visited Rose Hall house. It’s a part of Jamaican History, end of discussion,” another Twitter user said.Jamaica is being represented by Iana Garcia at this year’s staging of the pageant.


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