Skatta Burrell, known as a proud atheist, sent shock waves on Saturday night when he dressed as a pastor for Halloween 2020.

The record producer, businessman made a grand entrance at a star-studded Halloween party in his costume.

“Esundayservice🙏🏿 touch not the Lord’s anointed. You all know I could never turn down the opportunity to show up as a Scammer right?,” He captioned a video uploaded to his Instagram account.

🙏🏿 Jesus love was a bubbling over🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃,” he said in a follow-up post. ” When Robbers come together for the photos. We are all ambitious thieves,” he continued.

Skatta Burrell believes the teaching and practice of Christianity are a mere representation of modern-day slavery.

“I hurt to see my own people giving up their self-awareness to a deity they know nothing about; it hurts me daily,” Burrell said during a STAR Chat episode last year. “It hurt me fi a man go out and buss him ass fi feed him family and him family turn around and seh ‘Thank you Jesus’ and fart pon the man. It hurts me fi see the same black people weh spend thousands of years in slavery dumbing down themselves further to still worship the slave master’s religion instead of finding your own truth.”


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