Jada Kingdom puts her differences aside as she wishes condolences to Shenseea over her mother’s passing.Out of the many who took a moment to share a kind word, no one would have ever expected that “Heavy” singer Jada Kingdom would be one of the well-wishers. This is due to Jada’s and Shenseea’s tumultuous past.

The two are sworn enemies, and they constantly take shots at each other on social media. So strong is their hatred for each other that even when they make innocent posts, fans can’t help but assume that they’re secretly referring to the other party. It is as though one cannot exist without the other.

However, fans were given the shock of their lives when Jada Kingdom penned a dear message to her old friend, comforting her during her time of loss. “@shenseea I just got the sad news that your mother passed away. Regardless of our differences we’ve had over the years, today I’m standing up to respectfully send my condolences to you & your family,” she begins.


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