Dancehall diva Shenseea took some time before her concert at O2 Institute Birmingham, in the United Kingdom to sit with RasKwame of Capital XTRA and share her views on motherhood, her exciting upcoming potential collaborations and her recent feud with Jada Kingdom.

She revealed that her first album on Interscope records should be out this month. Interscope has been a boon for her and she said that ever since joining, major international acts like Drake and 21 Savage have been reaching out to her for collaborations. She’s already been contacted by Bajan R&B queen Rihanna and fast rising rap star Cardi B has also reached out to her.

Even with her career blossoming on a phenomenal level, she makes time for her son and thanked technology for ensuring that they can always be in contact. She speaks with him every day and also makes every effort to spend time with him. Sometimes she takes him on tour but only during his vacation time as his schooling remains a top priority.

She’s currently on tour and already did three shows in Europe, before today’s (January 18) scheduled concert, after which she’ll be heading to London and then on to Amsterdam.

Shenseea has been enjoying the international limelight but said that she still wants to take her career further. “I can’t say I’m where I want to be but I’m further than where I was before.” A sure sign that she’s now an international artiste is performing for the Super Bowl this year. Koffee is also scheduled to perform.

Blessed, which featured rapper Tyga has launched Shenseea’s career into the international sphere. The song like many of her others is about women empowerment, she said. The reason that she chose to wake up next to a woman in the video for the song was intentional, as she wanted to show that she had no problem with her fans who are LGBTQ.

She will be joining Spice in Miami for a concert called Best of the Best Miami. The show will be used to help spread her message of woman empowerment. In keeping with the theme of women empowerment she’s backing Koffee to win the Grammy for best reggae song this year.

She revealed that another collaboration featuring Rvssian with Swae Lee and Young Thug was released on YouTube yesterday. It’s called IDKW, which she explained stands for I don’t know why, and has already gotten over 250 000 views. The song is a combination of Dancehall, Reggaeton, R&B and Rap.

Jada Kingdom

With growing fame come attacks from within the industry and Shenseea revealed how she handled her recent feud with Jada Kingdom. She simply didn’t respond to Jada’s insults but waited until she saw her in person at the Red Bull Clash. She joked that when she was finished with Jada it took her two days to respond. That was an experience that she used to prove herself in Dancehall, she added.

Shensea shared her love for her Shenyeng fans even though she did admit they are a bit rowdy and sometimes crazy. She spoke about a recent concert in Israel where fans almost pulled off the stage twice during her performance. She added that she’s not quite sure how to deal with crying fans.

She reminisced about her first breakthrough hit Loodi and how it was the first time that fans began to recognise her and call her name out on the streets in Jamaica when they saw her, an experience that cemented the fact that she was on her way to being Dancehall’s princess.

Her positivity keeps her ahead of the game and also serves as an anchor when she has to deal with the other Dancehall superstars that her manager Romeich Major handles. Romeich also manages Ding Dong Ravers and UpTop Boss Teejay.

“I don’t like negative people in my environment, in my space. So every team member on my team, we don’t have any issues. We’re like one big family.”

Ding Dong has always been one of her greatest supporters and she added that he has always given her love and advice, since before the both of them ended up at the same management company. Shensea also took the opportunity to show off some beautiful vocals when she gave Kwame a taste of her singing voice.

She hinted that she may deliver some more soulful renditions soon but also explained that Dancehall requires he more gritty side. “I’m going to venture into singing for sure. It’s my ultimate dream.”

Watch the interview below.


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