Shenseea’s 2019 hit Blessed was designed for mainstream success, from having international rapper Tyga as the featured act to the recruitment of popular Los Angeles music director Arrad.

Cardi B (left) and Shenseea

Though the song has amassed more than 40 million streams on YouTube and has appeared in TV shows like Lil Kim’s Girls Cruise, the song could have made more noise with a verse from rapper Cardi B. During a recent Instagram Live, Shenseea said that was the goal.

We were actually trying to get Cardi B on for Blessed, but it didn’t work out, so hopefully the next one,” Shenseea revealed after a fan asked if she’d ever collaborated with Cardi B.


The Romeich Entertainment signee was engaging almost 10,000 fans in a question and answer session, with a bit of TV show suggestions and confessions in between. Among her revelations was the random announcement of her death wish.

Shenseea says she wants to collaborate with rapper Cardi B.

“Listen, mi just a tell unuh from now, my death wish is to die from eating food. Mi nah talk poison, just good food, or die by an orgasm,” she started. “Or mi woulda choose (to) die from an orgasm still, body a shake up man and just get a likkle heart attack and boom.”



She continued to paint the picture.

“Imagine if mi fi gaa hell, and dem seh when yuh gaa hell whatever kill yuh, a it continuously just a repeat, repeat, repeat over the time as the punishment. Trust mi, mi a have sex and just a repeat repeat repeat over the time… My God, mi p*m-p*m never been so happy, not even when Kartel a sing bout it, it woulda happy so,” she said.


There were the expected male admirers, one even shooting his shot and calling Shenseea his dream girl.

“Nuh mek the looks fool yuh,” she responded. “There’s a reason why I don’t have a man. Yuh nuh waan dah dream ya babylove, dis a nightmare.”

On her not having a man, she also confirmed that she is not pregnant despite rumours that swirled some days ago because of a ‘food baby’ photo. However, she said: “I would like to be though. I like being pregnant. I love the kicks and all of that.”

Jamaican entertainer Shenseea

No chick flicks

That’s about as girly as she got, as she declared she doesn’t watch chick flicks, neither does she want to star in any when she starts her acting career.

“Everybody who is on my Live right now, there’s a show called The Old Guard, mek mi tell unuh, mi watch the show three time, it bad…and it screams woman empowerment,” she said  “Yuh see when mi start act a dem show deh mi waan do. Mi waan buss off man head and do some karate kick and run up pon di wall and boom-flick and bring dung a gyal. Mi like dem something deh, so if unuh a refer me to any director or anybody mek sure yuh tell dem seh a action movie mi waan act inna. Mi waan be the bad gyal.”

Until then, she is waiting to physically connect with her fans post-corona.

“Mi ready fi di place open up back. I’m still working of course and doing what I can, but mi need fi go out. Mi need fi see mi Shenyengs dem out a enjoy di music,” she said. “Mi like see when mi Shenyengs dem deh a party and yuh just see people a snap and enjoy themselves with mi songs. Dem something deh get mi excited and motivate mi fi even write badder songs…”




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