Dancehall artiste, Shenseea is undoubtedly a catch; she’s beautiful, talented, and ambitious. She has secured her place as the ‘Princess of Dancehall’ she’s a mom to her adorable four-year-old son, Rajeiro, she recently became an ambassador for international clothing brand-Pretty Little Thing, and is currently working on her first album.

The Blessed artiste seems to have a lot going for her, except in the area of her love life. She told YouTuber Timera Blair, that it’s difficult finding a man to get into a relationship with. “People might think it’s easy, but it’s not that easy for me to find somebody, because majority of the people who actually have access to me, they ain’t shit really to even get in a relationship with,” she said.

Shenseea knows what she wants in a man, but said that those virtues are hard to find.

“As long as there is honesty and trust, and you can’t really find that nowadays, cause everybody a liad, and everbody a stunt for image,” the 23-year-old artiste said.

“Men nowadays are not the same as I require. I am an old fashion type of person, nowadays man just feel like dem fi have 20 woman, juggling and juggling. Mi nuh deh pan dat,” she said.


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