Dancehall artiste Shenseea has come under fire from major US media outlets, who described her Saturday night concert in Wynwood, Florida, as a “super-spreader” event. Footage from Shenseea’s concert, which is also available on her Instagram page, made its way on to Local 10 News.

The reporter noted that events like Shenseea’s concert were part of the reason why the South Florida area was continuing to see a spike in COVID-19 cases.

It was pointed out that the state’s recommended social distancing protocols were not enforced and large segments of the crowd were seen without masks.

“It is one reason why experts believe we’re [ South Florida]  heading toward an unsettling peak in coronavirus cases,” the reporter said.

Shenseea is not the first dancehall artiste to make headlines in the US for disregarding recommended COVID-19 protocols. In September, Dexta Daps also made news for a similar matter.

While mask-wearing is recommended in Florida, it is not mandatory.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Shenseea’s manager, Romeich Major, defended the entertainer.

“We are artistes, we are management, and we get book. If someone books us for a show, and we ask them if it’s okay for the show to be kept in their area and they approve it, I don’t see we’re doing anything illegal. First of all, the promoter got his permit, and a lot of police was at the venue working,” said Major in an Instagram post yesterday afternoon.

He stressed that it was the promoter’s duty to ensure that COVID-19 protocols were followed.



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