Everyone knows Ding Dong as a dancer turned artiste, but the dancehall star shared a few things you may not have known recently.

Dancehall artiste Ding Dong

Ding Dong shared the titbits in a rapid fire question and answer video for Grace Foods, for which the artiste is a brand ambassador.

When asked his birthday, the Flairy artiste hilariously responded “Waan date”, an answer for which can easily be found with a quick Google search.

He revealed that his favourite meal is oxtail with rice and peas and that his favourite Grace product is tin mackerel, the runner-up national dish if we’re being honest.

The artiste, born Kemar Ottey, said he started dancing “from mi a baby” and added that he prefers going to the river over the beach.

One other surprising response is that he prefers sneakers over the popular Clarks brand.

He says his favourite thing about Jamaica is the culture while his favourite thing about Nannyville, where he was born and raised, is himself.

Perhaps the most expected response was who would bring if stuck on a deserted island, his wife naturally, but it’s the reason that had viewers in stitches. When asked why, the artiste said “Caw yu dun know how the ting go…” and then ran off laughing. While he didn’t complete the sentence, the implications were obvious for everyone who viewed.

You can view the video of Ding Dong, and the responses of rising sprint sensation Briana Williams, below:


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