Dancehall deejay Rygin King recently debuted the audio for his new single Heavy Weight, which was done on the Prominent Riddim. He featured the song on his VEVO page on February 1 and it’s already over the peripheries of a million views.

Anyone who listens to the track can see why. The riddim has a great beat and the deejay starts the intro with some rich and boasty lyrics, “stacks pon stacks mek cash flow, seh mi money green ano pop chow”.

The best part was prior to that however; King does a build up to the song asking “Yo Matic, how much is too much money? He-he, not enough money, heh weh you tink?” “Mi a tell you say mi get up from morning to bomboclaat and mi a count and all now mi cyah stop. A wah gwan, cash cash, bricks.”

In the song, Rygin King goes on further to say he’s so rich; he has ‘6 couple mill’ in the bank that he doesn’t even think about. One verse says “man clean everyday mi deh ina di latest, four pocket load, man a talk bout bricks!” and another, ‘A me a run the trap, me a di heavyweight. Money and girl dat a everyday ting’.

The deejay just makes you want to hear what he’s going to say next as he delivers these engrossing cashy lyrics…. but not before throwing some shade here and there though. Dropping lyrics like “Mi never black mi eye, never wear braces, mi hot naturally uno complicated, flow sweet sugar di granulated”.

This is King affirming that his successes were attained through his intrinsic deejaying skills. He didn’t have to alter his appearance to gain recognition like some others did… perhaps the way dancehall artistes Vybz Kartel did with wearing ‘braces’ or Alkaline with inking ‘i.e. blackening’ his pupils.

Fans caught on quickly, commenting ‘Man seh him never black him eye (alkaline) me never wear braces (kartel)”. Another said, “Mi alone realize seh him dis afa Vybz Kartel and alkaline?” and “A who black them

👀 and a wear braces?

🤔 wonder if a such man”.

Let’s see who else is listening to Rygin’s new track Heavy Weight, may be we will be hearing a counteraction from ‘such man’ soon. Listen to Heavy Weight below.


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