Queen Ifrica has been embroiled in a war of words with some of her Instagram followers after the Lioness on the Rise singer questioned why Jamaican hotel mogul Adam Stewart decided to ‘like’ a now-infamous social media post made by United States President, Donald Trump.

The post in question was made by the President on Instagram on May 29 and stated that among other things: “Once the looting starts, the shooting starts” in relation to the aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Twitter limited the tweet’s visibility by hiding it, saying it “violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence.” Trump later claimed he was unaware of the racially charged history behind the phrase.

Stewart’s decision to “like” the statement, which has become the subject of at least one newspaper headline, has not gone down well with many Jamaicans, some of whom have accused the 39-year-old heir to the Sandals Resorts empire, of being racist.

Ifrica had posted a video clip of a mass gathering of protesters in Los Angeles, California, in which she called out the hotelier, even as she urged Jamaicans to also protest and demand more of its political leadership, lest the “enemies of Jamaica remain unbothered” and the masses be still considered as weaklings.

“Jamaica this is what we have to do if we want any form of change here in Jamaica.  Adam Stewart should tell us why him like that wicked post from the US President.  The System here need shaking up, but you the masses have to make the first move,” she had written.

“Mek wi show dem seh wi not as weak as they think we are.  If yu afraid of covid do it after… There is a lot to be angry about here in Jamaica…,” Ifrica added.

Sandals Resorts empire founder Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart (left) with his son and heir-apparent, Adam.

That same day, the In My Dreams artiste posted a screenshot of a response, which included threats, from a social media user, “boldprints2020”, captioning it: “I see this as a treat on my life so I am putting it here, to say this if it’s not worth dying for it’s not worth living for”.

“boldprints2020” also accused Ifrica of being partial and unfair to Stewart, as she had not criticized fellow reggae singer Etana, who had openly said she was a supporter of Trump.

“@queenifrica.  Why don’t you go and try to mess with Etana, who openly supports Donald Trump? You can’t mess with her; you know she will have your head taken off.   You are always promoting violence on people remember Jamaica is not a safe place now,” the follower wrote.

“Tony Rebel [Ifrica’s husband] don’t trouble people and it will hurt him to see your ass being dealt with for f__ing with people that don’t even see you…  Adam Stewart has never discriminated against a black person.  You are going to be sorry for all the people you f___ed with.   We are going to silence you Ifrica!!!!” cocobread1 added.

Ifrica had directly responded to the original post, making it clear she would be saving it for future reference.

“Let me just say that you are doing a great job as a HOUSE SLAVE…Go back into your Slave Quarters and guh Silence yu Mada.   Adam Stewart don’t even want u to water his plants in his yard yu come here taking up for the Stewart’s with yu Slave Self, like yu think yu can bully mi…?” she said.

The Lioness on the Rise also had some terse words for another user, journeytofitness_enovi, who sought to pacify her, by noting the Rastafarian singer should “remember the masses may not be as well informed” as her.

The follower also said ‘badmind’ was rife amongst Jamaican artistes who were “singing everyday about fellow artistes coveting each other” and that many artistes, who should be at the forefront of calls for justice, have not used their influence to preach the message of love and unity, but were instead promoting “guns and shooting each other’.

“You have not yet outlined what you want the people to protest about.   Is it police brutality or what? Much of what the Black Americans are protesting about, we already have, such as black leadership. Is it corruption in high places? Is so, what specifically is it? Telling the people to just go out and demonstrate because other countries are demonstrating is not the way…,” she said.

Ifrica, who appeared to be in no mood for a verbal tiff, dismissed the accusations, noting that those did not apply to her and that she would not be dictated to.

“Don’t try to be technical with me on what is needed…  I don’t sing gun songs.  The people leading themselves is the best leadership, because they know what affects them.   We as artist can only lend our voices but the people of to lead,” she scolded.

source: dancehallmag


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