Atlanta based dancehall artiste and the self proclaimed ‘Female Shella’, Dovey Magnum surprised her fans yesterday with an unexpected showing of her expecting baby bump. She revealed the news on Mother’s Day via a muted video to her Instagram page but some fans were convinced she was faking the pregnancy.

With her face was cropped out of the video, Dovey captioned the clip, “Happy Mother’s Day 2MEEE. I’m so bless soooo bless !! Wasn’t gonna share this but it’s a blessing baby # bawloutnation journey continues!!!”
llStanding in front of what appears to be her bathroom mirror, the dancehall singer is seen caressing her very bulging tummy while recording the moment with her cell phone.

Dovey whose real name is Simsky Kimberly Hamilton, really took fans by surprise with the announcement, just 3 weeks ago and even under the COVID-19 lock downs, she posted one of her usual sexy body photos wearing skin tight bicycle shorts and a top that she tied and cinched at her waistline. Looking very un-impregnated, she even mentioned in the captioned of the photo, “…Lost 11 pounds and I’m FEELINGZ like this!!” to suggest that was how she was looking at the time.

Also around the same period, she had been promoting a weight loss supplement, Nutraburst, encouraging folks to purchase under the credence that she had seen real results in just a week and half. From the looks of her baby bump however, it would appear that she has been hush hush about the news long before those posts.

While many followers congratulated the deejay and wished her a Happy Mother’s Day, as she’s already a mom to son Jay, others couldn’t help but call her out on what they are convinced is a scam or prank.  One follower said, “Why she force out her belly,” while another said, “It’s Mother’s Day Dovey, not ‘All Fools Day’. Happy Mother’s Day sweetie”.

“Take a laxative and enjoy your day Dovey,” snipped one doubtful fan.  “Pull in back yuh belly,” added another.

As much as this Juju deejay talks a big game, whether in her music or at her concerts, she has never wavered to backup her chat. It’s quite unlikely that she would make such a bold claim on Mother’s Day but we can only wait for more concrete evidence, presumably via her social media posts.

So far we know she wasn’t feeling her Mother’s Day fruit topped sundae from Jay. She made a video to capture her disgust with the treat from her son while adamantly demanded cake batter ice cream… sounds pretty infanticipating there guys.


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