According to Police the body of Tonia McDonald, wife of businessman Everton McDonald also know as Beachy Stout was discovered shortly after 9 p.m Monday in Sherwood Forest in eastern Portland.

Her throat was slashed & the body partially-burned.

The incident happened more than 10-kilometres from Dolphin-Bay, where the woman lived.

According to police, an alarm was raised after a burning-vehicle was spotted in a secluded area in Sherwood-Forest.

Firefighters rushed the scene and put out the fire amid rain.

The body was later found inside the burnt vehicle.

The police theorise that the woman was abducted, m*rdered, and then the car set-ablaze.

In May 2009, McDonald’s first wife, Merlene, was gunned-down outside her gate at Boundbrook near the entrance to Spring Bank Road.


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