Yup, just like after hurricanes Gilbert, Ivan and Dean, expect a population increase nine months from now. And depending on how long the country is largely shut down and people are in isolation at home, it could be raining babies for a while, as it seems nobody wants to find other ‘activities’ to occupy their minds and their time. In order for us not to be caught napping, we sought to be proactive and preset some cute baby names to assist those soon-to-be parents along their journey with their new bundles of joy.

Lots of choices

We might see quite a few pregnant women walking around in the next few months.

1.  Cora. This is Greek for ‘maiden’ and is a great name for a girl.

2. Corazon. It is strong, powerful and definitely a boy’s name as it is Spanish for ‘heart’.

3. Corinna. Another derivative of ‘maiden’, so here you got more choices.

4. Charmin. Do not laugh, but with the whole ‘toilet paper gate’ that is taking places worldwide, this name would be an ode to a popular brand of TP. This name can be unisex. Cheers!

5. Scott. Another tribute to toilet paper. A nice Anglo-Saxon male name that means ‘painted warrior/wanderer’, hence he may grow up to be a world traveller.

6. Pandemic. Trust me, no teacher will ever forget your child’s name.

7. Pandora. It is Greek for ‘gift’.

8. Viral. Believe it or not, it is Indian for ‘precious’ and is considered a treasured name for a boy. Who would have thought?!

9. Sanita. While sanitizer is in no way cute or cool, we thought of a name close to it, hence Sanita, which is Egyptian meaning ‘happy; or ‘cheerful’.

10. Corona. Just go for it and give in to the full name and all that it entails. It means ‘crown’, so just consider your little one a king or a queen.

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