On October 5, BBC Radio 1Xtra’s flagship live music event will take place at Arena Birmingham in the United Kingdom (UK). The Unruly Boss, Popcaan, had been announced as one of the headline acts. However, a few days ago, 1Xtra informed their followers, via social media, of some new developments. “We’ve added more artistes to the #1XtraLive line-up – DaniLeigh Headie One, Miraa May, Stylo G and headlining the night will be WIZKID. PLUS, there will be some MORE surprise guests on the night. Due to travel issues, Popcaan will no longer be able to perform.”

Popcaan was quick on the draw and before the comment was cool, he posted under it: “BBC knows what’s up. I have no travel issue; think unu can set me up. #UNRULY.”

Popcaan then took to his own IG page to “clear the air for my fans in the UK.” Tagging @bbc1xtra in the video clip, Popcaan stated, “BBC me nuh want unno feel like unno can tarnish me name. Me want unno tell the people dem say unno cheap and unno doh wah pay fi weh unno fi pay fah.

“And me nah pay fi perform pan no show, u coulda be BBC or MTV or BET, u hear dat. And furthermore, Birmingham wah see Popcaan long time so a simple ting fi unno pay unno thing weh unno fi pay and make me forward a di show and perform, cuz mi did already a do it fi free fi unuh.

“Unno nuh try twist up me name bout travel issues. Me nuh have no travel issue me can go England any time me wah go England…”

Fans called out 1Xtra for using Popcaan’s name to sell tickets only and lamented that this has been happening two years in a row. Some persons enquired about a refund process.

Up to press time, 1Xtra had not deleted the post about Popcaan’s “travel issues.”

Last December, the UK press had carried multiple reports about ‘X Factor’ winner Dalton Harris from Jamaica having visa issues, forcing his producer, Donovan Germain, to publicly deny that this was so.


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