The police say one of the seven men who escaped the Hunts Bay lockup in St Andrew last Sunday remains at large.

He is 31-year-old Michael Orlando Ellis of Ramsey Road in Kingston 13, who has been charged with robbery and illegal possession of firearm. He is also connected to the New Green district, in Manchester.

Five of the escapees have been captured and one has been killed.

In a post to Twitter, the police identified those captured as:

-Eighteen-year-old Shavar Smith, charged with murder

-Twenty-three old Rojae Gaynor, also called “Screechy”, charged with robbery and with an offence under the anti-gang legislation

-Nicholas Anthony Petrie, also known as “Nico”, 30 years-old, charged with rape, murder, illegal possession of firearm and ammunition, and housebreaking

-Maldine Lemmon, charged with murder and shooting

-Kenoir Holness, 23, also known as “Oliver”, charged with illegal possession of firearm and ammunition

Twenty-four year-old Leroy Burrell, also known as “Calibre” and “Thick Man”, who was charged with murder, illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition and robbery with aggravation, was killed during a shootout with police off Mountain View Avenue in St Andrew on Wednesday afternoon.

Another man, whose identity is being withheld, was also arrested following the incident.


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