A team of police in St Mary is being blamed for a motor vehicle mishap that has left a pregnant 21-year-old hospitalised. The victim, Nikisha Stewarts, said a marked police vehicle hit her off a bike on which she was the pillion rider in the vicinity of Capture Land, near Highgate in the parish, on New Year’s Day.

“I should have been at work the day after the incident, but I am here lying in a hospital bed bandaged up. I won’t even get to see my two-year-old go to school tomorrow (today), and no one is saying anything to me. I am in a lot of pain. My chest and leg hurt so bad,” she said.

Stewart’s right heel was almost severed from the rest of her leg in the accident, which Superintendent Bobette Morgan, head of the St Mary police, said she was hearing about for the first time when THE STAR reached out to her last night.

Photos obtained by THE STAR show a nasty injury to Stewart’s foot. The flesh had been ripped wide open, and Stewart said she was told by doctors that she is likley to walk with a limp.

“I have received no information on this incident at all, however, I will investigate. I have not got any report of this at all,” Morgan said.

Very bright lights

Meanwhile, Stewart, who hails from Pear Tree Grove in the parish, said she and her partner were on their way to purchase food when the incident occurred.

“We were heading to KFC, and when we reached a place called ‘Capture Land’, we heard a horn behind us, but I couldn’t see who it was because the lights were very bright in my eyes. I told my babyfather to pull over a bit so the vehicle could pass, but after he did, we were hit from the bike,” she said.

She told The STAR that her partner was thrown from the bike and ended up on an embankment while her leg ended up under the van.

“I didn’t even know it was a police van until I was on the ground because there were no sirens or anything, and the place was dark. They came out the vehicle and passed me on the ground crying and went up to my babyfather and was asking where the gun was. He kept asking what they were talking about because he had no gun. By this time, persons had started to gather, so they came and picked mi up and put mi in the van,” she said.

Stewart said that instead of being transported immediately to the hospital she was taken to the Highgate Police Station, where they left the bike.

“I was bleeding while they were taking out the bike out the van, and I was in a lot pain. I was begging them to take me to hospital, but it wasn’t until a few minutes later that they took me to the hospital,” she said.

It has been almost a week since the incident, and Stewart says she is yet to hear anything substantial from the police. She stated that she has not yet given an official police statement although she was promised that she would be visited by an officer days ago. She also stated that her babyfather was charged for not wearing a helmet and riding without a valid licence.


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