The Trelawny police have so far arrested and charged some 66 persons for various breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act.

“We continue to vigorously enforce the Disaster Risk Management Act. We have arrested 66 persons for various breaches of the Act,” said commanding officer of the Trelawny Police Division, Superintendent Kirk Ricketts.

He was speaking at the recent monthly meeting of the Trelawny Municipal Corporation via Zoom.

He expressed concern that most of the persons who were arrested are persons who live outside the parish.

For example, 34 people, including a pregnant woman, who were recently arrested and charged for breaching the Act after they were found at the Bengal River in the parish participating in an entertainment event, were from outside of Trelawny.

This was amid the ongoing national group restrictions amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic globally

“A number of these persons who have been arrested, particularly those who tend to converge on the river, they are not from Trelawny because Trelawny residents for the large part have been co-operating,” said Ricketts.

“So for instance, 34 persons were arrested at an event. A number of these persons who come to these beaches and rivers, they’re not from the space and it’s a concern that the Government is trying to restrict unnecessary movement and persons continue to flout these instructions,” the senior lawman declared.


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