Oppo have been teasing its under-display camera solution for three weeks now, and it might just be ready to show a prototype to the general public. The company posted a promo, reminding people about the launch on June 26 at MWC Shanghai 2019.

The short 15-second video also reveals the design of the smartphone which appears to have a massive screen-to-body ratio.

We already know from a previously released teaser that the front-facing camera can take pictures, but when it is turned off, the screen on top continues to have working pixels. There’s also the occasional circular ring around the snapper to remind you where you should look at since it is hidden in the black bars of the Camera app.

Oppo reveals the phone with under-display selfie camera in a promo video

Oppo will demo the prototype at the MWC Shanghai 2019. The event will begin at 2 PM local time and we’ll make sure to bring you the latest updates on the exciting new tech.

Source (in Chinese)


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