VETERAN dancehall deejay Brigadier Jerry was unable to post bail when he appeared in the Waterbury Superior Court in Connecticut, USA, on Wednesday. His bail was set at a whopping US$250,000.

“Mr Russell is scheduled to return to court on December 11,” a source who requested anonymity told the Jamaica Observer. “Until then, he’ll remain in custody.”

Brigadier Jerry (given name Robert Russell) was arrested by the Waterbury police in Connecticut on November 11 and charged with first-degree robbery, first-degree reckless endangerment, illegal discharge of a firearm, carrying a pistol without a permit, illegal transfer of a pistol and altering a serial number on a firearm.

According to the Waterbury police, the 62-year-old deejay was playing cards at Bertie’s West Indian and American restaurant on North Main Street and realised his wallet was missing. Thinking it was stolen, he left and returned with a firearm which he discharged at the location. No one was hit.

The police were subsequently called. The alleged shooter was later picked up at another premises and the cops found a loaded pistol.

Born in the Papine area of St Andrew in 1957, Brigadier Jerry became interested in music at an early age. Originally, he started out with Daddy U-Roy’s King Stur-Gav Hi-Fi sound system that was based in Olympic Gardens.

Brigadier Jerry is well known for his three-the-hard-way clashes with Josey Wales and Charlie Chaplain. His songs including Jamaica, Jamaica and Freedom Street.

Brigadier Jerry is brother to Sister Nancy, who is known for hits, including Bam Bam.


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