Nessa Preppy’s newly released track; ‘So High’ featuring Boy Boy and London Future is quite possibly her most controversial song to date. The dreadlocked beauty who is best known for her hit singles ‘Snack’, ‘Tingo’ and ‘Splash’ has, for quite a number of years been a quiet advocate for the responsible use of marijuana. ‘So High’ is what many can categorize as a musical ode to the herb that she has grown fond of.

The tone of age-old discussions surrounding the consumption of marijuana and the positive impact on users has evolved over the years. For Nessa, the herb has not only assisted her with her anxiety and performing jitters but has also heightened her ability to create more constructively. Some may choose to challenge the effects, but global trends are proving otherwise as many countries throughout the world are amending their laws to accommodate cultivation, medicinal and recreational use, among others.

Whether you are a ganja smoker or not, the Trinibad and R&B infused track is a definite attention grabber. Accompanied by a music video, which features specimens and trees, ‘So High’ is set to be an anthem for many. With phrases like “I am a girl who don’t play when it comes to the weed smoke” and “Don’t judge me that is how I live boy..”, Nessa in all her boldness is smashing the stereotypes for female smokers.

‘So High’ is the first release off her upcoming album which is scheduled to be released in upcoming months. It is available for streaming and purchase on all major digital platform globally.


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