Political parties have long used popular songs with a buzz as an essential ingredient on their campaign trails.

And, with general elections set for September 3, at least two Members of Parliament (MPs) have been quick off the mark in getting their election campaigns on track, but they are getting very personal.

Instead of simply playing songs that resound with relevance, the politicians have dropped some scorching dancehall dubplate specials by two of the top dancehall artistes.

People’s National Party MP for St Ann South East, and general election campaign chief spokesperson, Lisa Hanna, is declaring with lots of sass that she is a “number one trending gal”.

At least, that’s what the newest video dubplate which Hanna dropped on social media on Wednesday afternoon stated.

She captioned it, “Come Tru Selecta Raaaaay #DJHannaRebel”. Hanna’s team roped in dancehall princess Shenseea to do a special of her hit song Independent Gal, and Hanna had been teasing the release.

In true sound clash style, Shenseea calls Hanna’s name throughout the song and, towards the end, boldly endorses Hanna. “Yuh done know this is your girl Shenseea representing for Lisa Hanna,” Shenseea says.

Within hours, the post racked up more than 50,000 views on Instagram and numerous feel good comments. Shenseea, however, up to press time, had not posted the song on her personal social media pages, nor acknowledged it otherwise.

Her management, Romeich Entertainment, endorsed the post on Hanna’s Instagram page with a series of fire emojis, and subsequently told THE STAR that Shenseea did not want to comment.

Over in the ruling Jamaica Labour Party camp, Minister of Finance and the Public Service, and MP for St Andrew North West, Dr Nigel Clarke, has ‘stepped out’ big.

Showing that he is no ‘stuffed shirt’, the MP drew for none other than dancehall artiste Jahvillani for a somewhat eponymous special.

“Hey, yuh see when yuh talk about Clarks, yuh haffi talk about Nigel Clarke,” Jahvillani says in the intro, released over the rhythm of his hit tune, Clarks Pon Foot. Social media has since been clamouring for the full release of the song.


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